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Natural Stones Srl
Tradition. Character. Modernity.

With its numerous finishes, Pierre Bleue Belge is a stone suitable for numerous applications and which paves the way for immagination and creativity.

Linear and solid, Pierre Bleue Belge is a stone appreciated for its expressive value, with a prestige growing over time, suitable for both minimalistic design projects and classic styles appeal. Consistent and compact, with very low porosity, resistant to wear, atmospheric agents and pollution, it combines well with endurance and maintenance needs both for indoor and outdoor applications.

The selection of unique natural materials to employ in the naturalistic context of the villa with the annexed agricultural company, led to opt for Pierre Bleue Belge as the best solution. A classy solution, a material which enriches functional and innovative habitats creating essential and timeless environments.

An elegant floor 178”x101” sandblasted and brushed finish features the living room as well as the bathrooms covering, a particular finish with an embossed touch and which emphasizes the colour as well as the esthetical features such as fossils, shell patterns and white veins, in line with the refined mood of the whole residence.

On the other hand, the outdoor flooring and the pool area present a slightly rough sandblasted finish.

Natural Stones Srl is a company established in Verona, working from 1991 in the natural stone industry import/export, trading worldwide marbles, granites, quartzites, onyxes and travertines, relying on professional associates specialized in top-tier projects realization.

The guiding principles leading the company for over 30 years, through a meticulous leader and a solid teamworking, have been the attention to material selction and the customer care service, which represent the added value of the company itself.

Progettazione e DL:
FL architetti | Arch.tti Fabrizio Caudana
Luca Maria Gandini | Alberto Minero
Committenza: Azienda Agricola Amilu Farm
Foto: Beppe Giardino

Pierre Bleue Belge
Why choose it?
Petit Granite, Blue Stone, Bleue Belge tanti nomi per una prestigiosa pietra dalle caratteristiche tecniche impareggiabili. Con le sue numerose finiture, Pierre Bleue Belge è una pietra adatta a un gran numero di applicazioni e dà libero sfogo all’immaginazione e alla creatività.
Elegant, timeless and endlessly versatile… Pierre Bleue Belge is ideally suited for a variety of uses and atmospheres. Whether your home has a traditional or contemporaty style, PBB adds a beautiful, noble, solid, healty and durable touch. Available in many different variations, it brings centuries of know-how into your home.
Massive and compact, with low porosity, resistant to compression and wear, It withstands aggression such as pollution and atmospheric aggression, well combines with the need for durability and maintenance for both outdoor and indoor use.
Pierre Bleue Belge is 100% natural. Biologically inert, it is also non-allergenic, non-radioactive and incombustible. So you can use it without thinking twice in every room of your home.
Pierre Bleue Belge is a natural and living product. Over time, it will take on a beautiful patina. Particularly resistant to soiling and pollution, it does not require any special maintenance outdoors. Indoors, it can be maintained in a few simple steps.
Pierre Bleue Belge
Your Interior: A Unique Atmosphere

Floor covering, kitchen worktop, bathroom, starcase, but also… window sills, door thresholds, furniture, lighting. With Pierre Bleue Belge you can create a universe in your image.

Pierre Bleue Belge
Outdoor: Character to your projects

Floors and walls, paving for gardens and swimming pools but also… streets, squares, parks, gardens and street furniture Pierre Bleue Belge is timeless. Its longevity and weather resistance make it a materiale of choice for urban developments.

Belgian Blue Stone is timeless. Its longevity and weather resistance make it a material of choice for urban developments.Saint-Hubert Galleries in Brussels, the Belgian Embassies in Berlin and Tokyo, Guillemins Railway Station in Liege, Brussels Airport, Antwerp Courthouse, Grand Place Square, Laeken Royal Palace, The Hague City Hall , the station square in Maastricht… are all public spaces clad in Belgian Blue Stone.

Pierre Bleue Belge
Technical Data

Weight per unit of volume



% vol.

Thermal linear expansion coefficient (20°c a 75°c)


Compression breaking load (5x5x5 cm)

N/mm2 (Mpa)

Ultimate tensile strength (25x10x3 cm)

N/mm2 (Mpa)

Relative abrasion coefficient

mm/1000 m

Elasticity module


Dear customer, we would like to inform you that PIERRE BLEUE BELGE is a hard limestone, with an exceptionally low water absorption rate; a sedimentary rock, originally a grey/black blueish calcareous mud which embeds shells fossils and other marine organisms such as crinoids, the so-called sea lilies.

The ornamental effect of corals, shells and some quartz intrusions is an inherent property of this material and it is supposed to be accepted, as sponges and soft white lines are supposed to be partially tolerated as well. If you do not like this natural features, please notify our sales rep who would be able to suggest the proper selection according to your needs!