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Marble and fashion, an innovative and surprising combination

It is in 2012 that the fashion house Kenzo launches the iconic marble wedge boots with the “Marble Punch” collection. In 2016, the first Carrara marble heel is introduced by Maurizio Vinicio De Pietri.

In the years 2013-2015, Balenciaga’s fashion house designers enriched their sneakers with a pattern that evoked the veins of Carrara marble. An incredible success! Furthermore, the line expanded to include the Le Dix bags, iconic and always sold out, with a marble motif.

It is in the years 2016-2018 that the great explosion of the marriage between marble and the world of fashion is witnessed. The precious material forcefully enters major distribution chains, and it’s marble mania!
More and more brands offer shoes and garments with marble motifs, such as Christian Louboutin, who launched the Pigalle Follies footwear collection with marble-inspired veining. Lady Gaga made famous the pumps created by the brand Ganor Dominic in 2016 with a 3D marble rendition of Apollo’s face between the sole and the 15cm heel.

In Florence, it’s the company 53.0 that, following an initial collaboration with the Aigner brand for the creation of marble buttons, started producing jewelry and bags with marble details.

Finally, the marble theme, in the last three years, can be found in two famous collections: Balmain’s signature bag collection for SS19, where the marble pattern breaks into every garment and accessory, and Fendi’s stunning Haute Couture collection, also for SS19, where the designs evoke the motifs of marble decorations.

Marmor and Fabrics: From Patterns to Marble Dust

The combination of marble and fashion isn’t limited to patterns but also extends to the actual use of marble to create clothing items.

In this regard, it’s imperative to mention the famous clothing line Fili Pari, born from the innovative capacity of two young Italian students, Alice Zantedeschi and Francesca Pievani, who patented Marm/More®, a material based on marble dust used to coat fabric, making it waterproof, breathable, durable, and sustainable.

To conclude, in the FW20 collection, Arthur Arbesser chose Marwoolus®, a material created by Marco Guazzini that blends marble dust with Prato wool, resulting in colorful and trendy creations.

The meeting between marble and the world of fashion has certainly revolutionized the wardrobe, creating truly fashionable clothing and accessories!