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Black marble for a modern decor

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“Since living means feeling at home, being at home, furnishing means designing the interiors to feel at ease in every environment: from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom.

For elegance, beauty, and modernity, and for the multiple variations, marble offers the possibility to capture one’s spirit in all spaces of one’s home.

In particular, it is black marble that is emerging as a trend because it is versatile, refined, and sophisticated both in glossy, brilliant finishes and in matte ones. The key is to use it thoughtfully to avoid making the environment too dark and gloomy.

Black Marble: Origin and Varieties

At the origin of marble, there is a complex process of metamorphosis that gives birth to the precious material from sedimentary rocks.

The black color, characterized by veins sometimes white, sometimes golden, sometimes reddish, is due to the rich presence of minerals that, when mixed, create marvelous iridescent effects on black stone.

Africa is the continent with the most extensive extraction. In Europe, quarries are mostly found in Spain, France, and Italy (especially in Liguria).

The main types include Portoro marble, Marquina marble, absolute black marble, Emperor marble, and Sahara Noir marble. They differ from each other in terms of the background color (lighter or darker) and different vein colors.

Black Marble for Modern Environments

Emphasizing the importance of a thoughtful and harmonious use within the overall decor, black marble is chosen for bathroom, kitchen, and living room floors. Other uses include furnishings such as fireplaces and staircases.

Furthermore, it pairs perfectly with wood, neutral tones, but also gold and silver, creating a highly sophisticated atmosphere.

Uses and Combinations of Black Marble

In a modern interior design, black marble is suitable for various areas of the home and for different applications.

Black marble flooring complements rooms with a minimalistic style. Light-toned walls and golden decorative elements, especially in larger spaces, enhance its beauty. It also works well when paired with dark-colored furniture like burgundy or blue.

In the bathroom, black marble adds a spa-like elegance to the environment; it can be paired with gray or metal for a more modern touch. Finally, a black and white floor is highly recommended to achieve a checkered effect.

For the kitchen, black marble countertops, countertops, and islands are now the predominant trend.

In the living room, black marble is chosen for floors and the fireplace. It stands out beautifully when incorporated into a minimal and carefully designed decor.

For bedrooms, it is recommended for decorating the wall against which the bed is placed and for small decorative elements.”